Named after the 17th c. English architect Inigo Jones, StudioSmall created an identity that was as playfully colourful, irreverent and decorative, as it's sister The Modern House is monochrome, minimalist, and utilitarian. Taking inspiration from Charleston, the highly decorative Sussex home of the Bloomsbury set, they explored the uninhibited rich visual language of the colours and patterns that can be found there as well as in the work of some of its associated 20th c. artists.




StudioSmall is an independent, multidisciplinary design company that works within the creative industries for likeminded people, businesses and institutions worldwide. Based in London and Melbourne, and with a profession spanning well over 20 years, they are experts in art direction, branding, identity, digital, ecommerce, literature, packaging, and environments.

Clients: Dunhill, Sunspel, Fred Perry, Daks, Gails, Zegna, Loewe & Londonewcastle